Scottish PDT Centre


The ground breaking Scottish Photodynamic Therapy Centre (SPDTC) was established at Ninewells Hospital, Dundee, in 2000 and became fully operational in January 2001,


The Centre, which was entirely funded by the Barbara Stewart Cancer Trust for six years, continues to receive generous donations from the Alf Stewart Trust. It is now also supported by medical charity Medi-Lase,, with contributions from local patients and relatives.


Photo diagnosis (PD) assists in the treatment of certain types of cancer, making it easier to see the size and position of certain tumours and as such, can guide surgeons when removing the tumour. Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) is also used to treat certain types of cancer.


Treatment involves using a combination of light and a drug called a photosensitising agent to reduce the size of tumours in the skin and lung and to aid diagnosis in the bladder, brain and ureter. Further PDT treatments using techniques with surgery for the brain can be performed to remove intracranial malignant tumours.


In its first 12 years, the SPDTC carried out over 6000 PDT/PD assisted treatments on patients. It is now an internationally recognised centre for training neurosurgeons from across the UK, Ireland and Europe in this unique technology.


The SPDTC continues to develop PDT to the highest standard and gather evidence on the efficiency of using PDT and PD in the treatment and diagnosis of specific cancers. The Centre also undertakes an active research programme and provides advice to Government and other organisations on the role of PDT and PD in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.