Community Support

Dunfermline Live attracted a variety of bands to Dunfermline

The Alfred Stewart Trust aims to support events and projects which generate revenues which can be reinvested for the benefit of local communities.


The AST has provided sponsorship for a number of community events in the Dunfermline area including the annual Bruce Festival, which Alfred Stewart helped to get up and running, and community-led festivals such as the Touch Festival.


In 2014, AST became the main sponsors of Dunfermline Live. The popular music festival celebrates Dunfermline's rich muscial heritage and attracts hundreds of music lovers to the town as well as supporting young, local up and coming bands by giving them the opportunity to gain an accredited music qualification and the chance to perform live at local venues.


By supporting events like these, the AST is helping Dunfermline grow as a community and develop as a visitor destination in its own right.